Electronics lab, storage and lights in home office

As I wrote in my previous post about my home office; our house isn’t huge, so I had to make the most of the office/man cave that I got. The electronics corner is pretty small, and a couple of things about it was annoying… Like not having my instruments, e.g. oscilloscope and power supply, easily available. So I decided I needed to fix that!

The electronics corner

As you can see there wasn’t a lot of space for my instruments, actually; there wasn’t any space. But I am using a rail system which makes it pretty easy to adjust the shelves. So I decided to add a deep shelf, in eye height, for my instruments.

I bought a wooden shelf and cut it to size. And pulled up two power cables in a cable duct, to power the instrument, but keep a clean look.

To get things off the desk I also added a small shelf on the wall in front of me. I’m quite fond of keeping things off the desk, it increases the usable space and allows for much easier cleaning.

Next I added a couple of lights; after much searching I found that the [[Link:104]] was both cheap and perfect for the task. I’ve been using a cheap soldering iron for years, but I’ve always wanted one of those Weller soldering stations. Well now it was finally time to get one! :)

I had an old IKEA shelf and a speaker stand lying around, so I cut the shelf to size and made a tiny table. It adds a bit of work or storage surface, and every bit helps :) The tool wall allows me to keep all of my most used tools and cables within arms reach. The hot air gun is plugged in and ready to go.

I ended up putting the soldering station on the new shelf as well, and was able to free up even more work surface. All in all I am very pleased with the result :) It is still small, but it works, and it forces me to (at least try) to keep it clean.

Part storage

An organized part storage is also an important part of any work shop.

Hue lights

And some fancy lights to top it all off :)

I have a Hue LightStrip Plus on the backside of the desk, this lights up the wall and gives a nice effect both above and below the desk. In the ceiling over the desk I have three Hue GU10 spot bulbs that points to the wall, and in the window post; a Hue Iris.

A Hue E27 bulb in a standard fixture by the door, and two Hue Bloom in the storage shelves.

Another three Hue GU10 spot bulbs lights up the wall behind the TV, the painting and storage shelf.

And in the window post; my Buddha figure and Hue Iris lamp.

If you have anything to add or ask; you can reach me on twitter or send me an email.