Ikea kids play kitchen LED lighting

My nephew, and my twin boys, both have a Ikea play kitchen. It’s a pretty cool toy, with a microwave, oven, sink, cabinets and hot plates. The plates have LEDs so they turn red when turned on, just to make it a bit more real. But the play kitchen is even greater with some lights!

All kitchens have lights under the cabinets, so why shouldn’t this? I used a cheap LED-strip from eBay, link below, and fastened it using the adhesive on the back. I soldered a female power jack so that it could easily be connected to an AC adapter. The strip is 12 V, but I thought it just turned out a bit too bright, so I used a 9 V AC adapter instead.

It is of course possible to use all kids of LED-strips, or whatever you want really. On my boys’ play kitchen I’ve used a strip with a bit warmer color, and they also have lights inside the “microwave”. And a switch to control the lights, but this is a bit annoying at times; as they play with it. So maybe consider if you need a switch, or if it should be out of reach for the kids :p

These are the parts I used on my nephew’s kitchen:

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